Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Hyper Converged Infrastructure Overview

Four tightly integrated software components make up a hyperconverged platform: 

  • Storage virtualization
  • Compute virtualization
  • Networking virtualization
  • Advanced management capabilities including automation

The virtualization software abstracts and pools underlying resources, then dynamically allocates them to applications running in VMs or containers. Configuration is based on policies aligned with the applications, eliminating the need for complicated constructs like LUNs and volumes.

The benifits being 

  • Build a private cloud: Deploy cloud-like infrastructure on-premises with lower costs, more control, and improved security. Choose from multiple hardware possibilities from our certified partners.
  • Extend to public cloud: Choose an as-a-service option from the largest HCI cloud ecosystem for faster speed of deployment and less time spent managing infrastructure.
  • Achieve true hydrid cloud: Manage a mix of VM- and container-based applications, deployed across a mix of data center, Public cloud and edge environments with VMware Hybrid cloud..