Your Company’s productivity, profitability and success are depending on the availability and utilization of your resources.
      Since the IT and network infrastructure is one of the most important dependencies, its uptime and performance are the key factors to achieve any business objectives.

      We perfectly understand the business process and hence we have come out with ITFMS ( IT Facility Management Service). You take care of your business and we take care of your IT infrastructure to support your business process.

      Be it the end user equipment, servers, LAN , WAN, data security of network , we are there to support you. We provide Annual Maintenance services and Instance based services for select customers. However, Instance based services are offered based on customer meeting minimum criteria as per our policy.

     To Summarize, we offer the following:

  • AMC Services
  • Remote desktop services ( Linked with service agreement )
  • Instance based support
  • Installation services
  • Consulting service